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Clara Oswald Series 8 Fashion

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Rory, in 20 years if we’re both still single… Kill us both? Yeah.

AU→ The Adventures of Clara and Rory

SYNOPSIS  → Clara’s venture into the dating world prove fruitless. She’s had the last straw with the lastest blind setup. Rory’s just along for the ride.


Clara Oswald in ‘Time Heist’ (x)

Jenna on Danny and Clara’s Date [x]

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"She and her boyfriend of two years, the Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden, read each other’s scripts and tape each other’s auditions.
‘It is hard not to only talk about acting, but we do try.’
They met in Budapest when she was filming Julian Fellowes’ ITV series 
Titanic and he was working on Birdsong.”